Undergraduate Programs

Rhetoric and Public Communication

Rhetoric and Public Communication includes courses in theory, practice and criticism in the general field of human communication. Students in this major have a broad communications background appropriate for a variety of careers in organizational/corporate, educational or governmental settings. This emphasis provides a strong preparation for students planning to pursue graduate and/or law school.

The emphasis in Rhetoric and Public Communication offers courses that are linked by a common interest in the functions of discourse in all its forms. Courses in this emphasis focus on helping students to develop analytical, critical and research skills necessary for effective and ethical speaking, listening, and writing. Courses in this emphasis also help students apply knowledge and skills to acts of public advocacy in understanding the meaningful work of citizenship in a changing communicative environment.

The emphasis in Rhetoric and Public Communication seeks to model and encourage the application of research and theory for real world problem-solving; to increase students' understanding of how complex communication environments work; to increase understanding of the First Amendment and ethical issues in communication; and to prepare students for interdisciplinary and flexible leadership in managing some of the communication challenges of a new century. Graduates who have concentrated in this emphasis have found jobs in all areas of communication as well as found it to provide a strong foundation for graduate studies and law school.